The Club was formed in 1983 to promote both pleasure and competition carriage driving in the South West of England. It has a membership  covering a wide area extending from Penzance to Wiltshire.

We organise a variety of activities each year from pleasure drives and training days, to two day driving trials. The club seeks to be inclusive at all times, and everyone is encouraged to take part, whatever their driving ability. Even if you do not have a turnout, there is much to be gained by coming along on foot. Extra help with stewarding at events is always welcome, and gives a good opportunity to learn more about carriage driving. The club organises a taster day most years.

Our continued aim is to provide a range of activities, spread across our region, and we are always seeking to increase the number and range of events. If you feel able to run an activity, the Club can help. Events are run under Club Rules for members of GWHC or other Affiliated Driving clubs. Our events have to comply with current Health & Safety regulations.

There is an annual points championship and a “Groom of the Year” award, both of which are presented at the AGM, which is usually held in February.
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Notes For Beginners
The club’s object is to encourage and promote Carriage Driving as a sport and recreation and improve it through education. We are all beginners when we take up a new sport or activity and the club does not want you to be put off by rules and regulations. We are here to help you get started and help educate you so that you can participate in the sport safely and enjoyably.
Rules for competing must be abided by but rules in relation to vehicles as to vehicle widths, lamps etc are not rigid. You will be obliged to undergo assessment of your driving before you take part in any competition. This is to ensure that you are safe and as a consequence everyone around you is also safe.
You should expect initially to simply be taking part in the competitions you enter and your aim should be to get around safely and enjoy yourself. Competing to win will come when you have learnt more. This is a sport in which you should take your time.
Please contact the Organiser of any event you wish to enter and ask whether they are permitting non-standard vehicle widths and what other rules may be waived for your benefit. We have all been beginners without the most appropriate carriages so don’t feel that you cannot enter a competition if you do not have an up to date carriage or one without an extending axle.
There is a wealth of experience amongst the membership, which is available to you. We all enjoy taking about driving and we enjoy helping and advising. Please ask. This is potentially a dangerous and expensive sport and a little advice could save you damage to yourself and your pocket!
We want you to be safe and enjoy this sport as much as we do!
Club Assessors
Mark Broadbent and Joanna Broadbent  - Wellington (01823 652600),
Christina Woollacott - South Molton (07970699631) and Andrew Counsell - Duchy College (01579 372233)

Committee Members 2019
Club Role/Title Name Telephone
Treasurer / Membership / H & S  Ginny Hanbury 01626 821742
Secretary / Events Liaison / Publicity / H & S Christina Woollacott 07970 699631
Scorer Jennifer Collie 01822 258317
  Angela Shailer 01409 282996
Course Builder / Website Editor John Woollacott 07792 440062
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2018 AGM
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            Website Editor
John Woollacott (07792440062)
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