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British Carriage Driving
The Governing body for the sport of Horse Driving Trials in Great Britain
Brockham Harness Club
The British Driving Society
To encourage and assist those interested in Equine Driving
Bradbourne Driving Club
The Indoor Carriage Driving Company
Administers indoor carriage driving events
Chester Horse Driving Trials Ltd
The Scotish Carriage Driving Association
Carriage Driving Events in Scotland
David Broome Centre, Cricklands
Federation Equestre Internationale
The International Governing Body for Equine Sports
East Anglian Carriage Driving Group
The British Equestrian Federation
The National Governing Body for Horse Sports in the United Kingdom
Forest of Dean Driving Club
Carriage Driving Sports Group for Drivers with Disabilities
Promotes competitive Carriage Driving for disabled people
Midlands Driving Trials Group
Riding for the Disabled Association incorporating Carriage Driving North West Driving Club
Carriage Driving Magazine North Eastern Driving Trials Ltd
In Harness Magazine Oaks Driving Club (East Sussex)
Horse and Hound Magazine Old Somerset Horse Driving Club
Easter Hall Park Equestrian Centre South Downs Harness Club
Fenix Carriages White Horse Harness Club
Jack in a Box Harness and Carriage Driving Accessories Windsor Park Driving Club
Great Western Harness Club