BC Gateway Event

British Carrriagedriving Gateway Competition Schedule Sunday 13th August 2023

Venue: Hayes Barton, Jacbostowe, EX20 3RJ by kind permission of Mike & Di Stamp

Classes:         Gateway Newcomers

                        Gateway Allcomers  (for drivers who have competed at BC Intermediate or above)

                        Gateway multiples

                        Club Class – nominate your BC Dressage test

D&C Class – Dressage and cones only

                        Small ponies (VSE) under 10.2hh welcome

                        Additional option to drive farm tracks – 2K or 4K route

Dressage test will be BC Gateway compulsory shapes. There will be a maximum of 14 sets of cones and 2 obstacles to be driven twice.

Vehicle widths minimum 125cm. Marathon dress for whole competition.

Hard hats to be worn for all phases of the competition and body protectors to be worn for driving obstacles.

Drivers must have attained their 8th birthday before the event. All drivers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must wear a body protector at all time on the carriage. All drivers must have passed the BC new driver assessment.

Option to arrive Saturday, 12th August 2023 and camp overnight.

Entry fee: £35 GWHC Club and BC members, £45 for non members

British Carriagedriving rules on Gateway class and GWHC competition rules apply. These can be found on BC & GWHC websites.

Closing date for entries  Thursday, 3rd August 2023.

Entries and enquiries to Ginny Hanbury:

ginnyhanbury@gmail.com / 07790 752829